​Change log for Beta v1.1

Change log for Beta v1.1

Level design

  • Add a new tutorial system to level to force the player to visit each area of the prison and complete the tasks in that area
  • Added a goal material – to highlight where the player must go on tutorial level
  • Added goal to where player cell is

Interaction & inspection System

  • Show key binding for interactions / inspection
  • Collison boxes with interaction trace channel. Causing inspection window to trigger if overlapped, bugging it and moving the static mesh in the actor blueprint. Fixed by reducing overlapping, removing the interaction from the collision trace channel on items that don’t need it and removing blueprint actors that are not needed.
  • Added return if R is hit again encase the above bug appears.
  • Disabled fast pick up during interaction
  • Reduced the chance of the inspection window item clipping meshes
  • Fixed the bug where raincoat quest / dialogue pops up every time


  • Fixed the UI from stacking – only one window can be open: Inventory, quest log, inspection or pause menu
  • Fixed the ui where the inventory can be closed with craft list till open
  • Added tooltip for craft list
  • Added a flashing image on the crafting list popup, to make it stand out
  • Removed from drop inspection window
  • Changed the position of dialogue window to stop overlapping with popup window
  • Added additional pages to do list for new quests

Quest system

  • Added more quests to quest system to give the player more feedback during the tutorial
  • Added more quests for pick up items
  • Fixed the quest system popping up once completed

Dialogue system

  • Changed the dialogue window duration from 5 seconds to 7 seconds


  • Improved sound quality of NPC dialogue
  • Added additional self-dialogue files


  • Fixed crouch movement – stop hand from shaking while idle
  • Updated skeleton for player character


  • Reduced texture sizes
  • Fixed pivots on valves


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Apr 09, 2019

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