A downloadable game for Windows

A first-person escapism and puzzle game for the PC. Sneak, Collect and problem solve your way to freedom without getting caught! 

You take on the role of Charles ‘Wizz’ Morris a highly intelligent, focused, quick-witted and detail-oriented individual. Arrested and sentenced for the murder of his wife, no murder weapon was found only a witness who saw a man of Charles description leaving the house at the time of the murder.

You have five days before your execution, you must explore the prison to find and craft items to aid in your escape without getting caught. Interact with fellow prisoners that give you quests to help your escape.

The Shadow of freedom is a game created by Alan Horton for his BA honours project, the game is a focus on his technical and level design and is a small slice of gameplay showing off core mechanics and design techniques.

The Current version of the game is in public beta testing phase and any feedback off errors or improvements is welcome

General Controls

WASD – movement
Mouse Movement – Camera
Inspection – R
Interactions – E
Stealth Mode - C
Journal – Q

Inventory and crafting – I
In game pause menu – ESC / P

Lockpicking controls

Mouse – Moves lockpick
Pick lock – E
Exit Lockpicking window – ESC/P

Stealth controls

Movement – WASD
Aim – Right mouse button
Fire – Left mouse button


Shadows Of Freedom

Install instructions

Download the zip file from Dropbox

Unzip files into a directory

Run exe file

Development log