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Harlans designs game for the spring jam 2018 – Shift


Shift is a sci-fi side scroller set on a 1950's TV set that has puzzles in order to complete the story line. We planned on doing the transformation of sci-fi over the eras but only had enough time for the 1950's. We adapted it to being able to transform between two players, a human and a robot.



Alan Horton 
Lee Stockton
Jamie Dubuisson 


Pre-made before the jam

Asset pack – infinity blade particle effects, animation starter pack and movement animset pro

The alien and human charater created before and the space wizard is mixamo.

Install instructions

Unzip and play the .exe


S & D - Move left and right
Space – Jump
Left Mouse – Fire
E – interact
Q - Aim
T- Transform


HarlanDesigns_Shift.zip 415 MB

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